Forgetfulness in Older Adults

Forgetfulness in Older Adults

Do you remember the title of the last book you read? Can you recall some names of the characters in it? Although forgetfulness is not necessarily a sign that something is wrong, you cannot call it pleasant either. Memory enhancement tools will help sharpen the mind and ensure that the ability to memorize for many years. If you feel that your memory has become much worse over the past 6 months, consult a doctor. For example, you suddenly forgot how to do what you have always done before, or how to get to a familiar place. Also, tell your doctor if you have difficulty implementing a program with step-by-step instructions such as online recipe guides. This is especially true for older people.

Lifestyle changes to enhance your memory:

1. When a person is under stress for a long period of time, it can affect the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for controlling memory. Meditation can help improve your memory day by day. You can also consider having a fun time with your family.

2. Scientists have found that older people who drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day are less likely to experience memory loss than the ones who drink one or less.

3. Your brain is 85% water, so if you drink less than 8 large glasses a day, dehydration is likely to occur. It may even cause fatigue, which in turn leads to problems with memory, and forgetfulness.

Means to improve memory:

Ginkgo biloba tablets or capsules. This plant improves blood flow to the brain, which gives cells more oxygen and they can work at their limits. Choose an agent containing standardized extract of ginkgo flavone glycosides and ginkgolides, the active ingredients. Siberian ginseng can protect your body from the effects of stress. Take the tablets or capsules according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This should be done for no more than a month, then a break of 2 months is required for a reboot.

Note: In order to reduce the likelihood of memory problems, it is important for you to cut back on the amount of high-saturated foods you consume on a regular basis. They clog the arteries that feed the heart and brain, which reduces the supply of oxygen to it. Similarly, trans fatty acids in margarine and many processed baked goods, such as cakes can have a negative impact on your brain cells.

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